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the agency of healing,
of nurturance,
of health,





the perennial
of power,
of a transcendent & redemptive capacity






the living word,
the oral narrative,
of enduring
culture and carrier
of consciousness.


Woven through the tapestry of time,
throughout our historical records
of nomadic peoples, their conquests, our civilization,
also carrying our mythological journey
toward the power beyond that of this world,
are horses.

In history and in myth horses stand for,
and, more forcefully, they simply move with power.
HORSEPOWER has and does serve
* For increased productivity, tilling the soil, herding cattle--
* For strength in battle, winning against the odds,
prevailing against superior numbers or status--
* For transporting the human into regions beneath
and realms beyond.

Today is a time when survival,
when even hope for peace,
teeters over the chasm of ecological disaster,
struggles against religious and economic terrorism.
And especially in postmodern time, for many of us,
and perhaps particularly for our youth, the world
largely lacks personal as well as cultural meaning.

Now, in this time, the physical and symbolic resources
of horse are needed perhaps more than ever before:
to move consciousness further,
to move us out beyond the despair of isolation,
   beyond divisions, beyond relationships that damage
   the natural and the psychic webworks;
to move us into a consciousness
   that leads to wholeness of the individual person,
   and simultaneously connects us all;
into a consciousness with power to transport us further
   into the spirit expressed in the phrase "all-my-relations."

Many have named and urged this consciousness. But the way is indeed demanding. The contribution of the work of this website goes past the naming and toward suggesting and supporting ways of getting there.  In metaphorical language, it explores how to get the horsepower needed to reach into this consciousness in order to engage the problems of today that are indicated above. As elaborated in the linked pages, DOC-HORSE-TALES connects the three spheres. with the intention of enabling the progression of our consciousness.
   The side bar on this page suggests key characteristics of the three elements of the website. But their power is limited when kept separate.
   The menu bar will lead you to explorations, ones that are more conceptual and others that are more creative. These work and play with blendings of the elements.
   The resources block contains my reviews of publications and programs of others that are leading the way in efforts similar to the purpose of this website. Because there must be much that I have not yet found, it also contains a section called third space which is dedicated to discussion, to questions and ideas that you can send in through the contact link.  

Let's invoke the Muse for guidance in this endeavor:

May the Spirit of healing, the discriminating power of literacy-based consciousness, the physical and mystical nature of equus, and the magic of story inspire our work.

Once upon a time when wishes were horses . . .







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