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Horse designates both the magnificent life form equus and the archetypal symbol for power. Together these constellate an embodiment of spirit that is experienced, by grace, in riding, most particularly in the classical art called dressage.

Thus the second arena of this website, doc-HORSE-tales, explores a space for appreciating, invoking, and searching this gift that knows through body-spirit fusion, that extends beyond the physical limits of a person’s skin into almost magical/mystical relational possibilities, that infuses vitality and exuberance for life and living.

In my attempts to articulate this which exceeds my capacity to put it into print, this that goes beyond the capacity of words, I talk with Belqis-Joyce for she’s the one with whom I/she/we engage the mystery of the marriage of opposites. In one of these conversations, she offered the phrase life force for this quality that I’m using horse to represent; she offers this broader term because she and others likely need a different vehicle of entry for that which dressage offers me. While acknowledging that horse is not the exclusive term for this quality, it is the best I can offer and I hope it serves for others who also are transported into and over this edge of articulation on horses, literally as well as metaphorically.

Then, in this webpage, HORSE stands for the consciousness that happens with the fusion of archetypal image and physical presence. Anyone who has ridden, particularly in the discipline of dressage, in the eternal seconds when one-ness between horse and rider occurs, has experienced such an infusion of life force and has received the grace of glowing substance that can feed a form of consciousness beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing as they have constellated in the consciousnesses that have been promoted through the paradigms of literacy and of orality. HORSE holds this dynamic space for me, for bumbling attempts to move with this energy. This space includes reviews and reports on equestrian projects, notably the work of the McCormicks.

The fumbling with fusion also extends beyond engagement with literal horses further into the symbolic range where the archetypal horse leads. The journey has brought Joyce and me to a home-site that calls for special stewarding. We find the horsepower in tending this earth and simply giving presence to the life-force that flows through every window of our home. Expression of this is shown in the pages called Reflections from Berkeley Springs, Just Outside. These meditations reflect, at best, the breeze between image and poetic language.

One other vital term to the enterprise of this website will be but introduced here. The term hybridity is articulated in Homi Bhabha's The Location of Culture. His elaboration of that concept as it compensates for the social inequities promoted through and sustained by colonial discourse (and the very nature of literacy, I would argue) as well as his development of third space are very complementary to the work I see being done through dochorsetales. For example, third space is consistent with an orality (the kind of story work shown in the tales section of this website) which provokes "asides" prompted by the muse--the emerging collective consciousness--which contrasts with and frees from the dominating force of text, written text, published text.

Once again, a final acknowledgement in this opening must admit that horseback riding is but one venue, one portal into this desperate dawning of struggling consciousness that moves our living on; please forgive the presumption of exuberant expression that suggests it is the only way and look always to the true source.

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