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Tales transports the culture of orality. Spellcheck doesn’t even recognize the term orality as legitimate, such is the dominance of literacy. But there was and is still once-upon-a-time, the opportunity to bring back and to carry forward and most importantly to have presence in an oral and communal experience that supports the imagination of what-might-be that is more beautiful, more just, more true. Tales in the way I mean it is about stories that live in memory and serve the people, that are not limited by electronics nor by print and publishing. Tales is about what vitalize culture and knowing now and in the present moment.

Storytelling in this way and for this purpose still happens, but not all storytelling does it.  I even frequently wince at hearing teachers or parents say they are telling a story when they refer to reading aloud from a storybook to their children. Reading stories aloud can be a marvellous activity and it does not equal what I mean by storytelling nor does it constitute the resources referenced by Tales in this website.

Tales in this site promotes an almost-lost art.  For archetypally-enriched storytelling is almost-lost, especially in a mechanized, hegemonic culture. In what I see today, the dominant cultural and individual consciousness is subservient to a politically-defined literacy. It is bordered by technological and individualistic limits on our values. And this dominant, literacy-based, cultural consciousness legitimizes only certain ways of knowing.

is dedicated to waking us up to these borders and controls. Tales is committed to opening images to other possibilities, especially in relationships. In concert with the other arenas of the website, tales advances a different consciousness.

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